Turtle Rescue

One day we were walking and pictures for content. I was walking on some rocks and found a painted turtle stuck between the rocks. I didn’t know what kind of turtle it was at first so I was scared to pick it up. Then eventually I picked it up and brought it over to the water.







Getting my Bible Club Medal

On Wednesday, I received my medal for learning all 14 verses during Bible Club this past year. I had to memorize all of the verses. Then I had to say them without looking at the paper. I had to say all of them without more than one word being wrong.  After the awards ceremony, we all went outside and ate ice cream. When I was done with my ice cream, I played with my friends on the playground. I saw a big fat spider on the playground. My friends and I were playing tag. It was a lot of fun. Then we had to go home.

Field Trip to the DaVinci Center

On Tuesday,  2nd Grade students went on a field trip to The DaVinci Center. We went on the bus to get there. I was on bus 24. When we arrived at the DaVinci Center, a man with a Python snake around his neck greeted us. We put our stuff away (lunches & coats). I was in Group 7. We went to a room I forgot the name of, but there was a dark tunnel and I went in the dark and had to find my way out. I went in again with the lights on, and it was easier. We then went into the shadow room, where our shadow would show up on a wall and we could see it ‘frozen’. On the second picture, I jumped in the air and I could see how high my shadow now was. We went into the next room and I built a high tower from 4 blocks, and played with other blocks putting them into a puzzle. Upstairs was next, and we went into the Bee Room. We got to discuss what colors bees see. They can see Ultravilolet, and we can’t! We could see this when we took a blank piece of paper that had a picture of a flower on it, but you could only see it in UV light. Next was lunch. Activities was next, we made designs out of purple sand, and tried to break a record with a golf ball. We then returned back to school. It was a great Field trip to the DaVinci Center, and I hope to go back again sometime.

Ethan’s 10th Birthday

In April, my brother Ethan turned 10 years old, and we had a blast at his party! We went bowling with the W family, and it was girls vs boys. The boys had 5 people bowling, and the girls had 4. We didn’t win. But we still had fun playing with our friends. We went home and ate yummy pizza. We had cake and opened presents. I had a good time playing with my friend Josie. We played in my room and outside as well. It got late and our friends had to leave. It was great to see them for Ethan’s birthday. I wonder what I’ll do for my birthday in June?

Easter at my Nana’s!

We went to NY to visit my Nana for Easter. I was sick for some of the time. My mom was sick for almost the whole time. That part was not fun. We did have fun dyeing eggs, playing outside, and playing with my cousins. We also ate at Jumpin’ Jacks which had just opened. On Easter, my dyed eggs were gone! The Easter Bunny hid them and my brother and I had to go find them.  It didn’t take long, except the one I couldn’t find until I went to put my shoes on. We then helped my Nana pack up some more things in her house because she is moving very soon. On Sunday night we went home. We had a blast at Nana’s for Easter.

Making a coat/shoe shelf.

On a Saturday, I helped my Dad make a coat/shoe shelf for our house. First we cut the boards on the table saw. It was sharp, fast, dirty, and LOUD! Then we put the shelf pieces together with wood glue and a nail gun. My Dad let me use the nail gun to put the shelves in place. I also helped him wipe up any extra glue. We then started to attach some hinges and hooks. I’ll post a picture when we are finished painting it. It was a great awesome time with my Dad.

The Pumpkin Patch and Mazes

Saturday was a great day! We went to a pumpkin patch (www.mastmaze.com) ! We had so much fun going through 3 different mazes. We got four orange pumpkins. My brother and I jumped into the hay pool. I went in a play ship made of wood. We went on the zip lines too, but at first they were closed. My family went on a hayride and we saw all the pumpkins.

After we went home, my awesome mom took my brother and I to the parking lot to roller blade.

Here is a picture of my pumpkin. I might decorate it before Halloween.